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Federal Signal Corp.
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Feel free to browse any of these trusted sites to view products offered by these firms. Call us with your order and a competitive quote! 

Here are trusted partner companies recommended by Hyper-Lites Corporation.
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Rigid Industries
Star/Signal Veh. Prod.
Sound-Off Signal
Tomar Electronics
Whelen Engineering
Partners and Products Offered by:
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In addition to the manufacturers above, we deal with or have dealt with almost every outfit seen in the US at least at some time or another in our tenure doing this. Some have been long defunct, others recently with the poor economy. Either way, our exposure to these firms and their products range from extensive to slight but we can say we've almost seen them all.

Our industry knowledge is only outshined only by our applications to and intimate knowledge of the industries we serve. 

Our service extends from complete restoration of your obsolete beacon, acqusition of that hard-to-find dome or bulb, to rebuilds of your present equipment. If your cost of repairs exceeds the value of your equipment, we'll tell you up-front! 

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