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John, Pres./CEO
John is involved in almost all of the specific industries he serves and has intimate knowledge of the needs and applications of the products he sells/services for over 30 years! He welcomes any unique challenge you may have... The rest of us have him convinced his first name is "dammit". 
Here he is serving one of our smallest customers! 
Kyle, Engineering/Sales
Kyle has been with us since '98. He started-out a bit slow but grew into one of our top techs! If you have a unique project, he'll stick his nose into it in some way or another. No, really, this is a good thing for both you and us! We have evidence of him climbing the rafters in the shop and he has been known to work for Leinenkugel's. Someone needs to check his pit pass... and yes, he can lick his own microphone!
About Hyper-Lites Corporation
Hyper-Lites Corp. is a small, home-based business started in 1981 and incorporated in 1993 by a guy with too much equipment, knowledge and skills to allow his cutomers to be taken advantage-of by those who feel just because they are bigger, they are better. Good luck with those internet sales as well! BE VERY CAREFUL with most of that crap...remember, like everthing else in this world, you get what you pay for! (As we've proven time and time again) If I can offer you the same product and service as anyone else, for the same price or better, within the same time frame, why not allow US to serve you?
Hyper-Lites Corporation is owned and operated right here in Milwaukee, WI with locations in Manitowoc, WI and an outlet in Miami. Remember, other companies may offer similar items, but our service is much better, and will come with a personal touch. 
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We're committed to helping our customers equip their vehicles legally, with quality products and within their budgets!
Dan, Sales 
Dan came aboard a couple of years ago and quickly decided there's a buck to be made at one's hobby! He seems to know somebody in every town he travels to, making contacts and friends wherever he goes. He's the one to see regarding your trade-ins as he is immersed in the used market on a daily basis. He can usually tell you what the market is demanding for your stuff, sould you decide to trade-up! He has brought many years of knowledge and love for this stuff to the table as well. What he doesn't know, he'll find-out quickly for you! Probably the nicest guy in the organization... he's convinced the rest of us are all full of crap! 
At some point everyone has had their own opportunity to make a couple of extra bucks at a hobby. If you find youself in a position where you may know of someone in need of our products, deal with this equipment on a daily/weekly basis or have some extra time you know shouldn't be spent in a tavern, jump on board! We can almost always work you in on a deal. We welcome your inquiries and as always, quantity discounts always apply! Seriously, these guys all know the drill.  Put yourself in this picture and make yourself a few bucks in the process!  If nothing else, I'll at least buy you a beer!
You-Commission Sales &
Our installation work is guaranteed to be top-notch! Custom installations always challenge us, give us a shot at your ride and see why some won't take their vehicles ANYWHERE else!
John, himself, has designed, engineered and built many lights and lightbars over the years from scratch and has pioneered many innovations in the lighting industry based on the needs of his customers. Time and time again, a customer has come to him with a unique concept or request that industry just hasn't been able to fulfill. We can do it for you...isn't that what America is all about? It's simply limited to your imagination and your wallet! Currently, his demands have kept him too busy for those kind of projects but he won't turn an eye to an idea you may have to improve on a current product or offer his advice on something you may have in the works. Advice is cheap, it's what you do with it that can cost you!