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​Hyper-Lites has been serving the Police, Fire/Rescue, Towing/Recovery and Construction/Utilities markets with QUALITY, affordable 
visual/audio warning equipment with installations that take a back seat to no-one!  
" I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about your small operation but I'm definitely calling again when I need more equipment! Your old school way of doing business with a handshake brings back memories! I'd trust you before many others."
-Brian Leffler
This is the place to get your quality equipment. I refuse to sell you junk. I don't need the headache of selling you some inferior overseas crap that's going to give you issues, fail or just end-up being non-serviceable. I'll be up-front with you regarding what you're getting. Honestly, it has to impress me before I sell it to you! AND it has to last!

OK. So my supervisor told me we had to buy from the "other firm" because they always have. What a mistake! That guy's people skills suck! I explained to him I needed a certain component installed in one of our cars and because we didn't buy it from him, he said he wouldn't install it. Then we find-out you were $40 cheaper per bar than the state bid! That was enough for the lieutenant... You've got our business from now on...  

Sgt. Mitchell Swanson
Maplewood P.D.
Hi John,
Just a note to thank you for your patience with us at the swap meet. Being a new EMT, there was obviously alot to learn. We also had no idea there was this much equipment available to us! Thanks for your time and the education, we will be buying more in the future! 
-Amy Jameski O & R F.D.

We're not here to blow our own horns, our 30+ years of knowledge speaks for itself. Our staff is small, our hours lousy but we still seem to do a better job than most!
Retro and antique vehicles are a specialty of ours!
We're those guys...you know, the ones that REALLY know what's going on but don't lead on...
Our used, refurbished and demo equipment selection is one of the largest in the midwest! We currently have more than 100 full-size lightbars, minibars, beacons, dash lights and interior equipment available at 2 locations! LED, Strobe, Halogen, you name it! Call for specifics as this inventory CONSTANTLY changes!!! 
My boss still can't believe you drove this far to guarantee we got that light bar here, on time. Hand delivery is a thing of the past and so is taking the time to show us how it worked. People still do this? Unreal. Both he and I agree, VERY IMPRESSIVE customer service. And the light? HOLY COW!!! Once we got through the programming part it was incredible!
Thanks again!
Rich Worzen  

The Rontan stuff was very impressive and arrived FAST! Thanks again, John!
-William Steff WCSO